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LG Innotek Unveils the World's First '100mW' UV-C LED

LG Innotek today announced that the company has developed the world’s first 100mW(mill watts) UV-C LED. This development is 2 years ahead of the industry forecast that predicted its development would be successful by 2020. UV-C LED is a product that emits ultraviolet light with short wavelengths ranging between 200-280 nanometers(nm), and is also called Deep UV. It is used in sterilizing and hardening devices with its ability to destroy bacterial DNA and cause chemical reactions with special materials. LG Innotek’s product emits UV in the range of 278nm.


In 1877 two English scientists, discovered by chance that sunlight could kill bacteria. Few decades later it was demonstrated that it was the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum that had the bactericidal action. Since then, ultraviolet (UV) rays had been studied more intensively, discovering their properties and finding revolutionizing applications.

In the last century, mercury-based lamps have been the go-to source for UV rays, but with the emergence of UV LED the market started to shift. UV LEDs are smaller and far more durable, in addition to being environmentally friendly. While their efficiency and intensity have margins to improve, the possibility of choosing specific wavelengths represents an enormous advantage, especially in the areas of disinfection and purification.

UV LED’s global market is undergoing an exponential growth and it is estimated that it will reach 1 billion-dollar value by 2021, half of which will be UV-C market. Their applications are countless, from medical to personal use, from industrial to residential, from beauty to healthcare. UV LEDs keep improving at an incredibly fast pace, becoming more and more the best choice for UV lights.

In this article we will discuss the advantages of UV LEDs, focusing on UV-C LEDs and their sterilizing and disinfecting applications, and provide an overview of UV LED products by one of the global leaders in LED manufacturing, LG Innotek – a materials and components engineering service company with the mission of creating a better future with innovative technologies.


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