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Leading the Way in UV LED Technology

Established in 2000, IRTronix, Inc. is an advanced UV LED technology company that delivers clean water, air, and environments. IRTronix helps protect billions from germs and creates new markets and revenue streams by enabling a new class of products. Its powerful and efficient UV LED technology can be integrated into a variety of applications, powering versatile on-demand solutions that give consumers control over health without chemicals or costly consumables.

IRTronix is fast growing leader of UV LED technology company, delivering ground-breaking UV LED solutions for a better future.

Leading the Way in UV LED Technology

IRTronix currently focuses solely on UV LEDs with embedded technology that are suitable for a range of applications: air and surface disinfection, water purification, UV curing, medical phototherapy, analytical instruments, counterfeit detection, photocatalytic purification, and more.

We are fortunate for our global partnerships that have been integral to our growth within the industry. Leveraging their expertise throughout every stage from design to manufacturing, we have gained over a decade of industry experience. IRTronix strives towards innovation in an effort to help make the world green and safe for all through UV LED Technologies.

IRTronix's Goal

“His goal was not to impress, but rather to earn respect.”  Years ago, our team came across that inscription on a plaque.  We have found ourselves continually coming back to its stoic message as we build our company. It is our aim to live a quality life, build a quality product, and provide service to all of our partners.


Impressions are only that – shallow marks that fade over time. Respect, on the other hand, is built over experience, with proven value through reliability, loyalty and mutual interest.

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