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UV COB Driver

Model No: UV1010CD

Perspective View
Back View
Adjustment Knob
Aluminum Enclosure

LED Current Meter

LED Voltage Meter
Fan Output
➏ COB Module Output
➐ Aluminum Base
➑ ON/OFF Switch
➒ AC Input
➓ Rubber Legs


General Description

The UV1010CD is a complete system developed for the purpose of evaluating IRTRONIX 200W UVA LED COB modules. The system consists of a driver box, which houses an UL approved AC to DC power supply and the associated driver printed circuit board. The driver board in addition to drive the UV LED COB, it also drives the DC fan, which is mounted to the heatsink and UV COB assembly. The unit has four selectable current setting for the UV COB, which are 2.0A, 2.5A, 3.0A, and 3.5A from a rotary switch.

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