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Along with modules, IRTronix also provides systems for evaluation and testing. Our weatherometer is used for exposure tests of any UV wavelength in a safe and controlled space. Our evaluation kit can be used in conjunction with our UV LED modules to conduct multiple tests at once. Contact us for questions about compatibility and custom wavelength systems.




• Lighting Color(Peak Wavelength) : 278nm

• Surface Mount Type : 6.0×6.0×1.35(L×W×H) [Unit : mm]

• Viewing Angle(Directivity) : Typical 110˚

• Soldering Methods : Reflow Soldering


Presently Available Modules

Driver Capability


• This Evaluation driver has 3 channels, each able to deliver up to 350mA.

• The LED displays on the front of the evaluation driver shows the current running  through each

   channel with a tunable potentiometer to adjust the current up to 350mA.

• Our UV modules are designed to work with our evaluation kit so that the user can administer

   multiple tests or multiple experiments at the same time with different modules and wavelengths.


The UV COB Driver is a complete system developed for the purpose of evaluating

IRTRONIX 200W UVA LED COB modules. The system consists of a driver box, which houses an UL approved AC to DC power supply and the associated driver printed circuit board. The unit has four selectable current setting for the UV COB, which are 2.0A, 2.5A, 3.0A, and 3.5A from a rotary switch.

Multi Package Big Modul_02s.jpg

Whether you're seeking a UV light source on a small scale or a large scale, we are able to develop and provide UV solutions for any kind of disinfection application.

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